The Angola Energy Series 2021

Following on from the hugely successful Angola Energy Month of December 2020 and the culminating inaugural AOTC; 2021 will see the delivery of an extended year long Angola Energy Series

The programme will include four free to attend webinars for audiences across Angola and the international community and the second Angola Oil and Gas Service and Technology Virtual Conference (AOTC) returning in both physical and virtual format in November. 
Over 500 senior oil and gas executives are expected to participate in the events


Women in Energy: Angola Advance
16 September 2021 | 13:00 UTC+1 London / Luanda (duration 2hrs)

The time is now for board level executives and senior management to create and invest in a diverse, enterprise-wide talent pipeline and collectively eradicate the unconscious bias currently plaguing the sector and stagnating its growth

Angola Energy Series Women advance provides a unique platform for some of the finest minds of the oil and gas industry in Sub Saharan Africa to convene, connect and put forward solutions towards building a diverse and inclusive oil and gas industry


  • How is the private sector engaging schools and universities to empower the youth of today and not just qualified women already in industry?
  • Leadership development – how can oil and gas companies drive change?
  • Identifying, recruiting and maintaining a diverse talent pipeline
  • The future of oil and gas and the impact of Gen Z 
  • ​Are we making strides to close the gender inclusive gap? Examples and success stories

Empowering the Next Generation
07 October 2021 | 13:00 UTC+1 London / Luanda (duration 2hrs)

With the world going through some of the toughest moments in recent times, our future has become more precious than ever before

Not only have our actions become significant in terms of our outcomes, what we do to support, encourage and empower others has become integral - the next generation are our future in more ways than one.

It’s time for our leaders, board-level executives and senior management to invest in the next generation, not only for the sake of our industry but for the future of the nation.


  • Best practice analysis of existing programmes focused towards equal workforce development
  • Inspire and Support the next generation
  • Bringing together great minds and ideas to help inspire the next generation to become global citizens
  • Empowering young people in overcoming barriers to aspire for greatness
  • Inspiring the next generation in making good decisions for the future of our industry

Angolan Local Content and its Supply Chain: Progress, Challenges and Future ​
28 October 2021 | 13:00 UTC+1 London / Luanda (duration 2hrs)

  • Building a sustainable and long-term local content framework for Angola’s oil and gas industry, vision to reality
  • Covid19 – Maximising local work force, striking the balance between project demand and developing capacity
  • At a time when travel and working conditions are still restrictive, what must the oil and gas service sector do to develop their expertise and captilise on the opportunities presented?
  • How to further engage with local communities to ensure transparency throughout?

Oil and Gas Procurement Value Chain
08 November 2021 | 13:00 UTC+1 London / Luanda (duration 2hrs)

Procurement – opening up local and global supplier opportunities. This webinar will focus on building sustainability best practice into the supply chain and how to reshape the workforce skill-sets and retention strategies to meet objectives.

How to increase the visibility of capacity in Angola, aligning project opportunities and the country’s long-term vision. What can Angolans do to ensure their products and services are procured and what structures are in place to ensure a seamless process?

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