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Dr. Oladunni Owo

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Dr. Oladunni Owo
National President, Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG) Nigeria and member, Global Women Network for Energy Transition (GWNET)
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Dr. Oladunni Owo is currently the National President , Women in Energy Oil and Gas ( WEOG) Nigeria and member, Global Women Network for Energy transition (GWNET) , Austria;
She is the multi-award winning author of the Blackgold Refinery Business Made Easy and the Modular Solutions (Upcoming) . She’s an international corporate speaker and trainer, a versatile business expert and a management consultant with over 2 decade of vast professional experience in the Energy , Oil and Gas industry spanning the downstream ,upstream , midstream and future energy at services level. She has core expertise in Strategy and advisory, Supply chain management, Terminal & Warehouse operations, Sales & Marketing, project and developmental finance amongst others. Oladunni is a Mathematician with very strong analytical prowess designing business decision models and strategies for oil and gas organisations.

As an international consultant and trainer, Oladunni has mentored several upcoming businesses with major focus on profitability ensuring the companies made good return on investment (ROI) within realistic payback period. In addition to this she has also consulted for the public sector at various levels, a member of the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum ( NCCF) . She is a frequent Keynote speaker at oil and gas corporate events and have anchored several conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings and inductions programme for organisations across several countries.

Oladunni is the CEO and Principal consultant at Blackgold Authorities and Advisory Consult a company focused on Energy, Oil and Gas Business development, project finance and advisory services.

Oladunni seats on the board of several organisations both at the executive and non-executive level contributing her bespoke expertise in strategic management to help move the organisations to their next levels.

Dr. Oladunni can be contacted on [email protected]www.blackgoldauthorities.com, +2347063404130.


4:00pm - 5:00pm

Women continue to be the most affected by lack of access to energy and are under-represented in energy value chains.