How can revenue streams from extractive industries be maximised through employment, procurement, and infrastructure? How can the value chain be expanded with local content policies raising the proportion of spending in host country and, even more ambitiously, contribute to economic diversification?  

Angola Energy Series provides a unique platform for some of the finest minds of the oil and gas industry in Sub Saharan Africa to convene, connect and put forward solutions towards building a diverse and inclusive oil and gas industry


  • Building a sustainable and long-term local content framework for Angola’s oil and gas industry, vision to reality 
  • Covid19 – Maximising local work force, striking the balance between project demands and developing capacity 
  • At a time when travel and working conditions are still restrictive, what must the oil and gas service sector do to develop their expertise and capitalise on the opportunities presented? 
  • How to further engage with local communities to ensure transparency throughout? 
  • Best-practices